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Cundy’s Harbor


Working waterfronts are a key component of Maine’s culture.  While preserving a house, store and wharf with a restaurant may not seem to fall in the same category as preserving lake frontage or wetlands, I think it really is.  The tag line for the Land Trust Alliance is: “Together, conserving the places you love”  When you listen to Elsa talk about how important this project was to the community, and how deeply committed people were to seeing it through, you know that it is a place that people love and it needed to be protected.  People do not volunteer their time to scrub toilets for a place they don’t love.

Please note: This was recorded at Cundy’s Harbor over lunch.  The audio is distorted at periods where the wind picked up.  You will also hear hammers pounding and other activity in the background.  I have also edited the audio from over the course of our conversation to arrange it in a way which I hope will be easier for you to follow along (with loons to break up the various sections).


Running Time 27:26

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Notes: Intro and outgo music is from Tempest (de havilland vampire) by The Brothers Femme.

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