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Downeast Lakes Land Trust


They have only completed two projects, therefore they must be a small land trust, right?  Not when the two projects have protected tens of thousands of acres.  And their third project, which they are working on right now?  Over 20,000 acres.

How can a small land trust in a small town accomplish so much?  Listen in and find out, and then check out their website for more information.


Running Time 21:53

The workshop that Mark is presenting at Rally is session A19

A special note of thanks to Lindsay Wheaton, who is not only president of the Board of Directors for Downeast Lakes Land Trust, but also runs Grand Lake Lodge.  If you travel up to Grand Lake Stream, I strongly suggest you spend a night in one of their cabins.

Notes: Intro and outgo music is from Tempest (de havilland vampire) by The Brothers Femme.

June 7, 2009   1 Comment