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Friends of Unity Wetlands

podcast_greenAfter spending the weekend at Acadia National Park (a product of extraodinary conservation efforts in the eary 20th century), I traveled to Unity, Maine to visit with the Friends of Unity Wetlands.  This was the first land trust on my journey, and it served as a great starting point.

I attended Unity College before the Friends of Unity Wetlands was established.  It is wonderful to see that there is now a land trust there succesfully protecting the surrounding area.

Rick Lawrence, a founding board member, drove me arround to show me some of the properties the land trust has protected. We then returned to their office where I had a chance to talk with him.

Listen to our conversation and then check out thier website for more information.



A special note of thanks to Unity College for allowing me to spend a night on campus — the new dorms are really nice.

Notes: Intro and outgo music is from Tempest (de havilland vampire) by The Brothers Femme.

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