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Western Reserve Land Conservancy — Development and Communications


In addition to meeting with the Land Conservation team at Western Reserve Land Conservancy, I also had a chance to meet with some of the Development and Communications staff.

In this podcast you will hear about how the staff of the Conservancy adjust their outreach for different audiences (in part from the merger, but also due to a greater area of operation).  We also discuss accreditation and the challenges associated with appropriating the time and money to commit to accreditation.

Leah Whidden and Kim Bihler are teaching a session at Rally(Seminar 16: Engagement: The New Outreach).  Space is still available for their session — and you can still register online.

Listen in and then check out their website for more information.



Running Time 15:09

Note: A special note of thanks to Rich Cochran for hosting me while I was visiting with Western Reserve Land Conservancy.

Notes: Intro and outgo music is from Tempest (de havilland vampire) by The Brothers Femme.

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Rally Blog

Are you going to Rally, or thinking about going to Rally?  Many of the people I have met while traveling have told me just how important attending Rally has been to their success.  Many are attending Rally, so you will have a chance to meet in person the individuals you have already met via podcasts.

Now there is a blog to stay abreast of Rally  – the Rally blog.

There are sections to create discussions on various Rally topics, such as field trips and plenary speakers.  There is already a comment on Around Town recomending Voodoo Doughnut and Stumptown Coffee.  I hope there are some good resturaunt recomendations that people will add to the list as well.

There are also specific sessions that are highlighted so you can learn more about a session before attending.

I hope to see you at Rally.  And stay tuned as more information on the contest to win a seminar or field trip will be coming soon.

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Community Partnerships for Conservation


Get a preview into just one of the many topics to be discussed at Rally!

In this recording, Pete Throop, Project Director, Monadnock Community Conservation Partnership, talks about the how vital community involvement has been for Monadnock Conservancy.

Pete will be presenting a workshop at Rally (E21), which will go into much greater detail.


Running Time 10:58

Learn more about Rally or register online.

Notes: Intro and outgo music is from Tempest (de havilland vampire) by The Brothers Femme.

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