“Traveling across America to meet individuals protecting the places people love, and sharing their stories.”
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Through the Gap – Leaving the Northeast

I have had a wonderful first two weeks of my journey through the Northeast. I am behind on sharing podcasts (and even more so on sharing photos), but I should have some available to share early this coming week.

Today I say goodbye to the Northeast, head through the Delaware Water Gap and will spend part of the week in Pennsylvania.

The people I have met with and caught up with along the way have been inspiring and shown great hospitality. I am very thankful to them for making this sabbatical so successful.

June 14, 2009   No Comments

So Many Land Trusts, So Little Time

I get nervous when I share my sabbatical plans with others these days.

Why? Because often people will have a list of land trusts that I just have to visit. There are just so many great land trusts out there, and everyone wants to add their favorite(s) to my list.

I could spend my entire sabbatical visiting just one region (or in some cases just one state) and still not get to meet with all the great land trusts in the area. But of course I set an ambitious schedule for myself to get from Maine to Montana. That means there is a lot of driving that takes away from my time visiting land trust (and, regrettably, adds to my carbon footprint). It does allow me to visit some places that are important to me, and to meet with a large variety of land trusts along the way.

My plans are coming together, so please keep an eye on my itinerary.

So I apologize if I don’t make it to your land trust, or to your favorite land trust.

March 25, 2009   No Comments